Right of Cancellation

Right of Cancellation for Consumers

A consumer is a natural person who makes a legal transaction which cannot be classified as either a commercial or self employed activity.

Cancellation Instructions

Right of Cancellation

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reasons.

The cancellation period is 14 days and begins with the day where you or a third party designated by you , but not the shipping company, have taken the last delivered goods into possession.

In order to use your right of cancellation you have to inform

Studioexpress Vertriebs GmbH
Im Kazenloch 55
DE-75446 Wiernsheim
phone: +49-7044-908753
fax:  +49-7044-908754
email: vertrieb@studioexpress.de

via a clearly formulated explanation (i.e a letter sent by post office, a telefax or an e-mail) regarding your decision to cancel this contract.. 

To ensure your right of cancellation, please make sure that you send your right of cancellation prior to the time limit of 14 days.

Consequences as a Result of the Right of Cancellation

If you cancel this contract, then all payments which we have received from you including freight charges (with the exception of additional costs incurred due to higher freight costs, customer wish, other than the standard delivery) have to be paid back to you immediately and at the latest 14 days after we have received your cancellation in our location. For the payment return we use the same
method of payment which you used in your original transaction unless another agreement was agreed upon. In no case, will you be charged with any additional fees. We may refuse the return payment until we have received the goods again or you have sent proof that the articles have been returned, whichever is first.

You must return the goods immediately, in any case within 14 days after you have notified us of your right of cancellation. The time limit is granted if you return the goods before the time limit of 14 days runs out.

You bear the Costs for the Return of the Goods that can be shipped as well as the direct costs of returning non-parceled goods. The costs for non-parceled goods are estimated at a maximum of about € 150, - from domestic and € 500, - from abroad.

You only have to pay for a possible loss of value of the goods  if this loss of value is a result of improper handling but only after a thorough investigation of the acceptance of the goods, features and functionality has taken place.

Reasons for Inexistence and early Expiration of the Right of Cancellation 

The Right of Cancellation does not exist as follows:

Delivery of goods which are not manufactured already and which require an individual choice or appropriation through the consumer and which are without a doubt customized to the needs of the consumer.

Delivery of goods which can spoil easily and the expiration date is exceeded.

Delivery of newspapers, magazines and pictorials with the exception of  subscription contracts.

Delivery of  alcoholic beverages where the price was agreed upon at the time of contract but the alcoholic beverages can be delivered at the earliest 30 days after the time of contract and the actual value is subject to market fluctuations and the seller has no influence to these fluctuations.

The Right of Cancellation expires early:

delivery of sealed goods, which are not suitable for return due to  health safety reasons or hygiene and the seal has been removed after the delivery.

Delivery of goods which have been mixed with other goods after their delivery  and due to their consistency cannot be separated anymore.

Delivery of  audio- and video material or computer software in a sealed package which has been removed after the delivery.


Right of Cancellation Form

If you want to cancel the contract, then please fill out this form and return it.


Studioexpress Vertriebs GmbH
Im Kazenloch 55
DE-75446 Wiernsheim
fax: 07044-908754
email: vertrieb@studioexpress.de

Herewith I/we (*) cancel the purchase contract of the following goods(*)/the performance of services (*)


ordered on (*)/ received on (*)


Name of the consumer(s)


Address of the consumer(s)



Signature of the consumer(s) (only when paper format is used)




(*) cross out which doesn't apply